Old heads know and respect the Wu Tang Clan, and for good reason. From the minute they dropped their timeless classic Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers) The Wu have been one of hip-hop's most important and influential groups. Even after finding themselves embroiled in a recent Martin Shkreli-centric controversy, Wu-Tang have managed to stay relevant after nearly twenty-five years in the game, even if younger heads might not recognize the opening bars of "Triumph." Last week, Wu-Tang Clan released their brand new album The Saga Continues, which was produced entirely by longtime Wu collaborator Mathematics. Many found the album to be a return to form, and a refreshing modern take on the vintage New York sound. 

Now, RZA and Mathematics, the masterminds behind the album's sonic direction recently, hit up The Breakfast Club to discuss all things Wu. When asked about Mathematics producing the album in its entirety, RZA showered heaps of praise onto "Allah Math:" "Yo, Allah Math talent been great for years, and I think he really got it perfected...He was kind of putting it together just making music, and when I heard it, I was like 'wow, I forgot about that classic Wu sound...It was like a pleasure to hear that that sound could be generated by someone else in our crew. That's why it's The Saga Continues." 

If you've already heard the album, you know that RZA speaks the truth. Math studied his craft well, and came through with some certified Wu bangers. If you enjoyed The Saga Continues, you should most definitely peep this interview, as Math provides an interesting insight into how the album came together. When asked about Redman's heavy involvement in the project, Math drops a simple answer - "I'm on the road with Meth and Red all the time, and you know, that's Wu-Tang's cousin!" 

Check out the entire interview below, and do yourself a favor and check out the Wu-Tang Clan's latest effort.