Rosa Acosta has had a huge presence in hip hop for some time. From appearing in music videos from Drake, Chris Brown, and Mario, to appearing in the pages of King and XXL magazine, she's a hard woman to miss. In an exclusive Hotties interview with HNHH, Rosa reveals that she has plans to expand her brand even further, and with a successful fitness line, various acting projects, and plenty of other business ventures in the works, what's stopping her?

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HNHH: You're definitely involved in a lot of things right now. What is your main priority?

Rosa Acosta: I would say probably fitness. I am definitely very much involved in that. I'm also working on my fitness line, which is called Body by Rosa Acosta and it's doing very well. I'm currently working on my next collection which will hopefully be ready in a few weeks. I try to put stuff out as much as I can, but it takes time because I do everything on my own from scratch.

Would you date someone who wasn't fit? Or have you in the past?

I've actually never dated a guy who was fit like that. I've never dated a guy with a six pack or anything like that. I'm into fitness, but I don't require the other person to be fit, as long as you live a healthy lifestyle, I don't discriminate.

Are you single? Do you find your busy schedule gets in the way of relationships?

No, I'm in a relationship. I'm never too busy for that anyway. I'm superwoman I can do everything. I've never been in a relationship that takes me away from my job. That's not what healthy relationships are supposed to be.

What's your biggest turn on in a guy?

Sense of humor, being well-spoken, confidence. Those would be my top three.

What's the worst pick up line a guy has ever used on you?

I don't know... a bunch. Anything that starts with "Sup Mama" or something like that-- turns me off right away.

Jeremih wrote a song named after you. How does is make you feel when you're referenced in music?

Umm... good? [laughs] I actually had the opportunity to see him 2 months back, and I told him that I really like the song, and that it was really nice. I also told him that I got a big response on twitter that people really liked the song. I think the song is catchy, I really like it, and I think people like it too.

Would you ever date a rapper or artist?

Probably not. I dated a dancer before. I'm more into older men, and usually [artists] are really young, so it really wouldn't work for me. I think they're all very nice, and I don't have anything against anyone but it's just a preference.

Are you planning to do any more music videos?

I'm completely done with music videos. I haven't done a music video in probably over a year, and I'm not taking any video requests. It's time for me to just move on into other things, so I'm done.

Looking back on your video work, what were some of your favorite projects?

I liked "Best I Ever Had", I liked "Back To The Crib" with Chris Brown. I did a few spanish videos I really like. I also did a video with Booba, and I really like it.

Are you still active in the entertainment industry? Any modelling or acting projects in the works?

I have a few acting projects coming up. I just finished hosting a comedy show that was on Comedy Central. It's called Comedy After Dark, and I hosted it with Trina and another girl named Carolina Catalino. We were basically introducing all the comedians and interacting with them. It was really fun and really great. They're thinking of doing a second season, which will air later in the year probably. You can watch [Season 1] on NetFlix.

I have a few other acting and TV hosting projects here and there, but the modelling is very limited. I am doing a few fitness magazines and that. There's a few magazines that I shot a little while ago that will come out this year, but I'm definitely not shooting any more magazines.

I've done plenty [of modelling], and you guys can still keep yourselves entertained with what I have out [laughs]. I'm only 29 now, but I don't want to be 37 doing the cover of King Magazine. I'm hoping that by then I have greater things in my life -- not that King isn't a great thing -- I just don't think that by then it will be for me, and I already did it.

You definitely seem to be headed in the right direction business-wise.

Yeah, well I also own other businesses that don't have anything to do with entertainment. My focus is to work less, and make more money.

Where can people reach you online? That's my official website, and it links you to my official social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. A fan page is one thing, and a fake page is another. So if you guys want to know if you're talking to the right Rosa Acosta, go to the site, and it'll take you to the right place.