Rocket Law

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Hailing from Lawton, Oklahoma via Statesville, North Carolina comes Marlin “RocketLaw” Wynn. A rapper befitting for those nostalgic for vintage hip hop and imagery. His eclectic style derives from an influence from a vast array of talents such as: DMX, Nas, and including the likes of musical greats like Jimi Hendrix, and even Bo Diddley. Rocket’s lyrics capture the essence of everyday life of the black adolescent in vivid detail. His stories captivate audiences by his vivacious illustrations of youthful exuberance and lifestyle. Wynn developed his namesake/ moniker from the early 90’s cartoon “The Jetsons.” He noticed everything in the future was powered by rockets. He took that idea and combined it with “Law” as a representation of him making his own rules; an ideology shared by contemporary youths worldwide. It’s evident Rocket is heavily influenced by popular culture in his early youth. Through mixtape titles such as “Dick Tracy” and even his most current “PS118” mixtape Wynn as a means to promote a fun, young, and outgoing lifestyle. Wynn typically has a quiet and reserved demeanor when not doing music. It seems as if he is observing the world around him, which constantly inspire his rap endeavors. Unafraid to tell his point of view, Wynn holds no punches nor his tongue when on the mic. RocketLaw is at the forefront of Oklahoma artists, representative of our youth and our lifestyle.


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