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Robby Diamonds ...... The upcoming rap artist Robby Diamonds, is a 20 yr. old artist that was born in Providence, RI and raised in Pawtucket "Da Bucket", RI. When Robby hit the age of 6 he was influenced by not only the kid who lived downstairs (Arlindo) from his apartment building. But the kind of music Arlindo was playing in the house and on the stereo. Before you know it Robby was acting just like Arlindo and really wanted to be like him. Arlindo was a teenager who was intrested in rappers such as Nas, Mobb deep, Az and many others. Arlindo did write but didnt really take music serious and just did it for fun. When Robby really started to understand rap music he told Arlindo that some day he'll be as nice as the rappers that were out at the time. But thats where Robby was corrected by Arlindo and was told if that Robby wanted to become good he'd have to come up with his own unique style. But to learn, Robby would listen to artists such as Nas and Az. Being so young and having to deal with many youth activities Robby never found the time to sit down and write so he would freestyle often to friends and family. Before you knew it Robby was ahead of his class and would often challenge other kids around his neighborhood to Battle and he would not only take the victory as a win under his belt but learn ways to better himself. ..


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