President Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President in front of the White House last night, in a move criticized by Democrats as an abuse of incumbency. This conflict escalated in the presence of protesters, who reportedly staged a mock guillotine execution with a doll resembling Trump.

Conservative attendee, Shelby Talcott, stated a paper on the guillotine read "Ticket - Fascist, Rapist, Criminal."

Trump and protestors opposed to his reelection have experienced growing strife. In his speech, Trump reasserted a need to oppose "mob rule," which he believes to be a threat from nationwide protests.

Conservative media was swiftest in addressing the concentrated conflict between the opposing parties, including a crowd which swarmed Republican Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul.

The encounter has varied in its characterizations. Paul said he was “attacked by an angry mob,” whereas journalists insisted he was peacefully confronted.

Video footage shows a heated, but non-violent encounter, wherein D.C. Metropolitan Police escorted the senator through a series of protestors. The senator remained silent as an unseen protestor repeatedly exclaimed “Her name is Breonna Taylor!”.

Though Paul introduced the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act”, a federal ban on no-knock warrants kindred to the one which resulted in Taylor’s death, his record on race remains contested by Democrats over acts like his recent stalling of the widely supported Emmet Till Antilynching Act.

The senator remains unharmed and no deaths or serious injuries as a result of the event have been made known.