About R-Mean

R-Mean (Armin Hariri) is an artist who has risen above struggles, but never struggled to be unique. Intellectually stimulating music with substance, served through a fresh-to-death swag, his masterful wordplay and insight entices audiences internationally. R-Mean’s lyrical prowess and melodious flow has amounted to 13 thousand records sold independently. He has been featured as the opening act for Nas as well as Bone Thugs n’ Harmony. His numerous appearances include MTV’s “Rapfix” with Mobb Deep and freestyling on the legendary “Wake Up Show” on Power 106, Los Angeles. He was also personally invited to New York to appear on Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning” to deliver yet another explosive freestyle. R-Mean is the first rapper of Armenian descent to achieve his level of international and national acclaim, heading towards the ranks of his fellow Armenian icons System Of A Down and Kim Kardashian. His multi-cultural background and extensive fan base has afforded him multiple opportunities to perform around the world including Canada, Europe, and all over the United States. Through his diverse upbringing, always staying true to real hip-hop, R-Mean breaks international barriers through his music like no other artist. With a flow reminiscent of Nas and Eminem, his life experience sets him apart from the sea of artists. R-Mean is a hero of adversity with a distinctive background: born in Los Angeles, he was raised in Amsterdam by a single mother. When R-Mean was one years-old, his father succumbed to an ill-timed death due to medical malpractice. Growing up he faced the dark challenges and oppression posed to minorities. Eventually he moved back to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. Using college as a means of moving to California, he enrolled in classes hoping to get signed before ever finishing school. Instead, he ended up graduating from UCLA and even went on to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Loma Linda University. After analyzing his life, he decided to quit healing through medication and instead heal people through what he feels is the best medicine in the world, music. It was in LA that he met a producer who went by the name of Blind; together they formed the label “Pentagon Records.” As Blind was heavily involved in the LA gang-banging scene, he fell victim to a drive by and was shot in the face, chest and back. Though he survived, he completely lost his eyesight. Over time, the crew expanded to comprise a fully functioning team of producers, managers, and promoters, whose efforts caused a noteworthy buzz in the LA underground scene. After a while however, things started falling apart as the crew gave up on the ultimate dream of success. Left alone to question the future, R-Mean and his manager, Alex Kodo, fought through the hardships to rebuild the label from bottom up. Focusing on the positives despite the difficulties of the crew breaking up, the brand became stronger than ever. R-Mean is armed with a strong and loyal fan base that never fails to show how much his music touches people's lives. He is honored to have received fan mail with heart felt testimonials and pictures of people bearing tattoos of his name and lyrics. Currently he is working on his most ambitious project to date, entitled “7 Deadly Sins,” scheduled for a Winter 2013 release. The first single “Lost Angels” features multi-platinum artist The Game.

Facts Only

  • R-Mean has an Armenian background
  • Apart from rapping, R-Mean has a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy (Pharm.D)


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