Rizz-P was born Carl Daniel, in Asbury Park, New Jersey September 20,1990. Carl didn't even know he had the gift of song from God till he was about 12 years old. At 6 he tought himself how to play the drums and hIs mother was the one who encouraged him to sing in his church every Sunday. As he got older, diffrent situations had came an went in his life so around 13 Rizz-P wrote his first song Called "Cry For Me". Thanks to Myspace, FaceBook, Reverbnation and many other online music sites, Rizz-P was able to let people hear his music as well as see video's of his live performances at many local venues along with a few out of state gigs as well. In the beginning his stage name was Rizzle but that name really didnt stick so it was changed to Rizz and the P was added on later. Rizz-P has been on many stages performing and has recorded with many local artists, which has allowed him to be featured on many mixtapes outside of his own projects . Carl "Rizz-P" Daniel's inspirations are, church, family, friends and life in general. "MY music is bout wat I've been through , what I think about, an what I'm doin rite now . I try to be as real as possible .. never ever fake an I dont have a style, I jus do wat I feel............." - Rizz-P


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