Hottie VS Hottie: Rihanna VS Teyana Taylor

In this edition of Hottie versus Hottie, we're asking y'all who's hotter: Rihanna or Teyana Taylor? Check out their respective galleries and cast your vote below.

A few weeks ago, Teyana Taylor posted an Instagram video on her account singing Anita Baker's "Caught In The Rapture". Having noticed the video a few days ago, Rihanna posted an unconventional response, that being a video of her male hair stylist singing the same song in a wig and a snapback.

The situation quickly escalated into a heated Twitter beef, and although it's since simmered, we've decided to put the two Hotties side by side in a Vs. feature.

Take a look at our full galleries of Rihanna and Teyana in the gallery above, and cast your vote below!



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