RiFF RAFF just dropped a new album calledPeach Panther. But he's already plotting his next move, and it's his biggest yet: a country album called Truck Stuff & Butterscotch Butts.

RiFF is holding auditions for an 8-piece country band that will assemble in October to record Truck Stuff & Butterscotch Butts. If you are a country songwriter or play the keys, guitar, violin, fiddle, and/or drums, you have a golden opportunity. Send in your tape of original material to TruckStuffJody@gmail.com and cross your fingers that you are selected for the chance of a lifetime.

Hip hop and country have never meshed particularly well, no matter how hard Nelly tried. But RiFF RAFF is such a wild card. With a title like Truck Stuff & Butterscotch Butts, there's no saying what might happen.