RiFF RAFF has been facing serious allegations over the years. Sexual assault and rape claims have tarnished his name and his career to an extent but he's continued to deny that any of these allegations are real. One lawsuit filed against him stemmed from an incident in 2014 but it appears that the rapper is finally in the clear.

According to his lawyers who spoke to The Blast, RiFF RAFF has been cleared in the civil sexual assault lawsuit filed against him. He's maintained his innocence throughout the trial, although there hasn't been any confirmation as to why the case was tossed. His team did, however, make it clear that he was never arrested or charged for these allegations.

"RIFF RAFF had never been arrested or charged with any such offense by the police. The Plaintiff’s civil suit has now been dropped with prejudice. Having this dark cloud, which has hung over him for the last 5 years, dissipate, RiFF RAFF is ready to take his career to the next level and cement his name as one of the most exciting and innovative entertainers of modern times," the rep said.

The rapper's rep also issued a thank you to everyone that stood by him during this time.

"RiFF RAFF and Jody Highroller Entertainment Inc. wishes to thank the combined legal team of Robert Garson of GS2Law, out of New York City, Chris Rusby of Rusby Law and Brent Ryman of Erickson, Thorpe & Swainston, both out of Reno, Nevada. Together, they have demonstrated the unwavering support and determination in making sure that the truth would prevail and reassured RIFF RAFF. Their counsel provided immense assurance during this difficult time," a statement reads. "Most importantly RIFF RAFF wants to thank his fans for standing by him and your support has been incredibly important and will never be forgotten."