Rick Ross has been busy this past week, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his debut album Port of Miami. The label went all out for the anniversary, with a celebratory concert in conjunction with TIDAL as well as a series of videos reflecting on the album. The timing worked out well as the album also hit the platinum mark earlier this month.

Ricky Rozay was a guest on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN's podcast, "Drink Champs," where the bawse spoke about Miami, losing weight and his RossFit regimen, Birdman, as well as the Meek Mill/Drake beef, which is where things get interesting.

Around the 35-minute mark, they get into the whole beef, with Rick Ross claiming that Meek Mill didn't take any Ls. "I mean just off some g shit, n*gga ain't lose to nobody. Y'all better study the game and how the game go," he says, seeming to allege that Meek is the underdog, "I always been an underdog, I love being an underdog."

When asked if he's had a conversation with Drake since everything went down, Ross says "nah," and he's not willing to have one either. However if things keep progressing, he may step in the beef.

"When I first spoke on it on the Breakfast Club I was obviously speaking in a peaceful tone, because that's my way of telling n*ggas yall n*ggas need to tighten up so n*ggas could get it right. If you assuming a n*gga respect whoever your big homies is, you wrong," Ross says, adding a warning shot, "If it's gotta go there, Renzel gon' jump off the porch on your ass."

He adds later, "A fool is quick to go to war, it take a wise man to put the plays together and keep it in a way n*ggas could keep getting money." 

Rozay continues, "If a n*gga assume or was under the assumption, anybody was good, hell nah n*gga, we don't see nothing. If that's what I was on, and I'm not saying that's the case right now, but if that's what I was on, your big homies ain't homies n*gga."

Thus it sounds like if Meek Mill and Drake's beef continues to snowball, we may see Renzel jump off the porch. Check out the full podcast below.