Rick Ross is excessive by nature, sometimes when it's not even necessary. To be fair, he was forced to be this way after the feud with 50 Cent and being outed as a correctional officer through those infamous photos. After the flames, Ross decided to expand his myth and rattle off one No. 1 album after another (the critically acclaimed Teflon Don is the only album to peak at No. 2).

The appraisal has waned since then, but Ross topped the Billboard charts again with Mastermind. "I lived on Billboard, where the fuck to go next?" he asks on the album. Who knows? But even though he's extremely rich and popular, he just can't stop himself from building his myth up. Mastermind contains a lot of boasts as per usual Ricky Rozay. For as much as people like to criticize him for his inability to be forthright, a lot of these boasts actually have some truth to them. Some of them — like his alleged stake in the drug game, for instance — aren't one of those truths, though. 

We've decided to go through some of his braggadocio on Mastermind and see which claims have some truth and which ones are simply for the sake of the story he's built.