Rich Vuitton

Rich Vuitton was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey he's been making music ever scince he was 14 years old, he started music in 2004 but started taking it more serious in 2007. In 2005 Rich Vuitton was making music long before the World Wide Web became an instant impact on music today, he never got a chance to record his music at that time because it was no studio's around his area, but he still kept writing song's & grinding even though he aint have no place's to go record them at. So he gave his self a break from the music for awhile, But in 2007 he join a music group with his friend's called "Ground Zero" he said they called they self Ground Zero because they was starting from the bottom and building they selves up, but the group ain't last too long it lasted for about 4 months because the other 2 member's kept arguing and then the manager had dropped them for some petty reasons. But after all that Rich Vuitton became an Solo Artist and started doing his own thing again by his self Rich Vuitton is doing big things now, he's been working with lots of different artist now and has created a Huge Buzz out there now. And now he haves places to go record his music at he haves 1 mixtape out now called "Another Day Another Benjamin" his second one will be out in Late February 2013 in that's called "H.A.T.E.R.S" which means "Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success", But he's trying to find spots to perform his music at he only performed once and that was at the TLA SUMMER SLAM 2012 in Philidephia with Young Savage. Rich Vuitton is going to be shooting more video's real soon he say's he will be selling his 2nd mixtape's in Philly, NewYork, And in any other places that he visit's, Rich Vuitton is a cool nice person to be around very funny Humble & Chilled and is very focus on his music career. Be looking out for Rich Vuitton in your city because he's going to the top where he need's to be next upcoming rap artist. #SALUTE


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