It's not uncommon for rappers to fall victim to a chain snatcher, but Rich The Kid is calling foul on reports that he's one of them. Like many of his fellow rappers, Rich The Kid enjoys gifting himself with a luxury item or two, and a recent report claims that he was robbed of one of his chains. A video began to circulate online that reportedly shows a group of White men bragging about stealing from the Boss Man rapper.

Rich The Kid, VVS Chain, Thieves, Stolen, Jewelry, Chain,  Necklace
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

"Where you at n*gga, we just took that n*gga's sh*t man, no cap," said one of the alleged suspects in the clip. In another video, someone is seen wearing the chain as a person said, "Let them n*ggas see that sh*t. Rich Forever, b*tch!" The short clips were filmed inside of a vehicle where the person with the camera is the one speaking as he shows off the icy necklace. However, Rich The Kid came forward to deny that anyone ran off with his jewelry.

On his Instagram Story, the rapper posted a video of his chain and wrote, "Stop postin that fake chain the real one VVS." The alleged thieves have yet to respond. Swipe through below to check out the posts.