Ria Christina - The Lead Girl Of Schoolboy Q's "Man Of The Year" (Interview & Gallery)

We all saw the new music video from Schoolboy Q for his "Man Of The Year" single, and it got us wondering who Q's main chick in the visual was. You definitely saw her-- she was chilling behind Q for the majority of the visual in a tiny black bikini. As it turns out, the beautiful lady is a Hawaii native by the name of Ria Christina, and we got the chance to shoot her a few questions.

Who's that girl in the Schoolboy Q Music Video?  It's the girl you've been spending the last week trying to find all over the internet, ever since you saw the homie Schoolboy Q's visuals for 'Man of the Year'. Hawaii native Ria Christina is a Filipino/Irish mix beauty. Get to know her by reading our interview below. 

Watch Schoolboy Q - "Man of the Year" starring Ria Christina here:


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into modelling?

Ria : I am a 27 year old Taurus girl, born in Houston Texas and currently living in Paradise... Hawaii.  I didn't get into modeling until I had done a shoot with a photographer from California who had seen my pictures and wanted to shoot. After the shoot I posted the photos and well it kind of just went from there... 

Are you a hip hop fan? Who's your favourite current rapper?

Ria : I grew up listening to a mixture of genres, I did listen to Biggie, Tupac, TLC, NAS, MASE, P Diddy, LL cool J so yeah I would say I'm a fan and I've continued to support hip hop throughout the years. As far as my favorite rapper, let's be fair here, I can't pick just one favorite, some artist just have their own individual style, I can't compare them but I will mention a few of my current obsessions, this would include rappers like Schoolboy Q, Jay Z, Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar...

How do you "Turn Up"?

Ria : I don't lol. I actually hardly party or get wild out at clubs, I stay home.... but when I do go out I like to be with good company and good music. It's always the people and the music that make the night for me. 

Have you been in any other hip hop videos?

Ria : I have shot with Chris brown for the song Autumn Leaves, I don't believe the song is out yet or at least the video... 

How was it working with Schoolboy Q?

Ria : It was a lot of fun, I'm happy I had the opportunity to have met him. He seemed real humble and he was respectful. 

What was it like on set of “Man Of The Year”?

Ria : When I got there it actually started raining, it was on and off the remaining of the time but we obviously got some shots though ;) 

Would you ever date a rapper/ which rapper would you date if you could?

Ria : Nah I wouldn't date a rapper or anyone for that matter because I'm happily married...  My husband actually raps verses pretty good in the car when songs come on so I'm good, I got me my own lil rapper lol

What are your major turn ons and turn offs in a guy?

Ria : Turn ons would be a sense of humour, a self driven kinda guy, positive attitude, faith in God, confidence and..... V-necks... I got a thing for grey V-necks. I'm weird like that...

Turn offs:  men who think they are gods gift to the world... Lol stand that

What's one thing about you that people would be surprised to find out (hidden talents, special interests etc.)?

Ria : People who know me obviously don't apply to this but for my followers, I think they would be surprised to know I am a married mother of 4. I have a private account for my personal life and so most of my post or pictures on my "modeling" or "promotional" IG  account are of simply just that.... Modeling pictures or promotional posts.... 

What is your favourite physical asset?

Ria : Wait is this about me or another person? Can we scratch the "you don't answer a question with a question" rule and just have my question be my answer? LOL! 

What is next for Ria Christina?  Any projects coming up?

Ria : Honestly I don't have any particular plans of doing anything really, no plans to move or go big with the modelling thing. I am just going to go with the flow of things and just enjoying my life and whatever experiences come along my way. 

Where can people find you online?

Ria : Online I have my Instagram: ria_christina and twitter: ria_christina88



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