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Iva Anthony Well Done Indeed
Tyga ends 2013 with a high note with his Well Done 4 mixtape with fast-spitting lyrics and hard-hitting beats.
Nicolas James 160–212 °F
Although I'm not the biggest fan of Tyga's music, I must admit WD4 is a solid effort. The delivery and production are on-point, and the features are well placed. The tape may not offer anything new, but T-Raww continues to refine his formula.
Rose Lilah A pretty typical Tyga mixtape
Nothing too shocking about Tyga's new mixtape, it's definitely a "mixtape"-- lots of freestyles but a few original gems. While it's not overly original, it does the job and will likely satisfy T-Raww fans.
Mike De Leon Recipe For The Club
Tyga yet again brings that “Club Banger” flow. He’s always had that consistent delivery and a great ear for production. He holds a great recipe for the club.

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Despite having recently dropped his third album, Tyga continues to put out new music with the release of "Well Done 4".

Tyga has been a very busy man. After banking more than a few racks after his massively successful 2011 strip club banger "Rack City", Tyga (aka Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson) has showed no signs of slowing down. The California native dropped his third album Hotel California earlier this year, and has decided to end 2013 on a strong note with the release of the fourth instalment in his Well Done mixtape series.

A celebration of a job well done in the rap game thus far, Tyga picks up right where he left off on Well Done 3. The quick-tongued rapper has stacked this project up with hits and bangers while continuing to exhibit his versatility and growth. He kicks things off with "Word On Street", a song he uses to set the bar high while clearing a few things up.

"Word On Street" is followed by "Bang Out", which includes a verse from the late, great Eazy-E and an outro from Ice Cube and finds Tyga channeling his inner NWA: 

"Hold up, money talk so you know what? / Ain't nothin' to talk about, you ain't got enough, cuz / Rock star drugs break a bitch heart, no love / Emma Watts, told ya she ain't fuckin' with no scrub / Niggas want connects, got no plugs / Niggas say they high, but they got no buzz / Popsicle niggas wanna talk shit then say you froze up / Young niggas wanna pop pills, just pour up."

Well Done 4 is flush with references to the millions of dollars that Tyga's made despite being in his early 20s. On "Young Kobe", Tyga likens himself to future NBA Hall of Famer and Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant:

"T-Raw, Young Kobe / No assist, make the city holy / Put you on blast, these bitches love me / Bobby V and you Mr. Lonely / Choppa mack 'til you macaroni / Got that mack game, gotta admire homie / You passed a hole, bitch, you a bogie / Pussy feel good, Tony told me."

Although the tape is relatively short, Tyga doesn't go it alone. His boss and Young Money general Lil Wayne is featured on the bouncy "Good Day", as is Meek MillFabolous turns in a stellar verse on "Maniac" and is on the top of his game, as usual. Tyga's artist Honey Cocaine receives some whine on "Pressed", and French Montana, Mally Mall and Sean Kingston join in on the club friendly "Wake Up In It."

 Things slow down for the sexually charged "When To Stop", which features none other than controversial R&B icon Chris Brown. While Tyga lays his own bars down on yet another "Versace" remix, Atlanta's Migos appear on "Jordan" along with Rich the Kid. Despite the all-star cast, Tyga is at his best when he's all alone on "Day One". 

"Got a piggy bank, pretty model sitting next to me / That’s an accessory / Don’t be sassin' me / How do you have the audacity? / When a verse gotta bring cash to me / I be gassin' me, you wanna crash on me? / Have your head where your feet should be / Laid out in your living room, murder you, then watch it on TV / Ain't no breaking me - breaking news, that's me."

As one of the hardest working rappers in the game, Tyga is quick to remind us that although he's only 24-years-old, his bank account has a lot of zeros in it. He recently had his first child with his girlfriend, former exotic dancer Blac Chyna, which gives him several more reasons to succeed and continue stacking bread. With Well Done 4, he proves he still has hits up his sleeve, and promises there's much more to come.

Well done, indeed.

(Stream and/or download Well Done 4 below.)


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