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Matt Aceto A step above mediocrity.
SM3 is a well formulated yet scattered piece of work with no surprises. Meek Mill and Rockie Fresh add flavor.
Mike De Leon It is what it is...
I set my expectations too high on the first listen, however give it the credit it deserves because i'm still listening. There's a lot going on, on this compilation. It is what it is.
Nicolas James Needs more Gunplay.
As usual, the production on “Self Made Vol. 3” is solid, but the MMG camp has become pretty predictable at this point. I would’ve appreciated more from Stalley, Rockie Fresh and Gunplay, to be perfectly frank. There are some bangers, tho.
Rose Lilah Nothing you haven't heard before.
The third compilation from MMG is feeling all too familiar. The raps seem uninspired and formulaic, and the urge to ‘skip’ surfaces on just about every song. Rockie Fresh is a breath of fresh air when he pops up with Hit-Boy on “What Ya Used To.”

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There are no surprises on MMG's "Self Made 3" album, just the music you would expect.

Mmmmaybach music. The heaviest group in hip-hop presents the third volume of their Self Made album series. Formulaically, the self-proclaimed untouchable Maybach empire haven't missed a step. Likewise previous installments in the series, Self Made Vol. 3 is packed with speaker-knocking beats driven by Rozay and company. Little new is brought to the table, but that doesn't mean the double-M G crew isn't still eating.

Bosses don't rebuild, they reload. This time around, Rockie Fresh plays the rookie role. The Chi-town rapper shines on the project, spitting impressive verses on "Black Grammys" and "What Ya Used To". Rockie Fresh isn't quite a first-tier artist yet, but his contributions on the album are an excellent introduction to the big stage.

Self-Made Vol. 3 is an album full of variety. The project showcases lyrical rap in "Poor Decisions," smooth R&B in "Know You Better", and mirror-shaking bangers like "Gallardo". Even with the variety of styles and production offered on the project, it is only a step above mediocrity. Meek Mill and Rockie Fresh add flavor to most songs, but tracks like "Lay It Down" and Stalley's "Coupes & Roses" fail to make a mark.

As with YMCMB, MMG's team chemistry has faded over the past couple years. Individual careers of Wale and Meek Mill have taken off since their signings with Ross; their passion to work collectively has diminished. Significantly, the group's big three failed to collaborate on a song as a trio, which is unlike the first two volumes. Despite all of that, Self Made Vol. 3 is a well formulated yet scattered piece of work that illustrates the strengths of each member well.


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