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Matt Aceto All controversy aside, it isn't bad.
Minus a few tracks, it is praiseworthy. Though his recent behavior and health are in question, Gucci proved that he is still capable of releasing quality trap music with this mixtape.
Mike De Leon More than a mixtape.
A great ear for music production, Gucci Mane definitely was sitting on some fire that is still very relevant to today's hip-hop. Catchy hooks and noteworthy features completes "Diary Of A Trap God" making it more than a mixtape. PABLO!
Trevor Smith More scripture from the Trap God
Gucci may have "lost his noodles," but he hasn't lost the ability to craft his signature brand of street rap-- or at least his large cache of bangers hasn't run out just yet. The varied voices of his Brick Squad crew help keep things fresh as well.
Nicolas James Twitter rants aside, Guwop came through.
According to Waka Flocka, Gucci literally lives in the studio. Whether this is true or not, he clearly has a solid catalogue of unreleased material to choose from, and can still put a decent project together despite ongoing lapses in judgement.

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All controversy aside, Gucci Mane delivers a banging mixtape.

When Gucci Mane released his World War 3 series on iTunes last month, it was merely a hint of what was to come. The first shots were fired on September 7th, when Guwop and Waka Flocka engaged in a Twitter argument. As more names got involved , the feud grew nastier. The peak of Gucci’s Twitter rant came on September 9th, when he put moguls such as Jeezy, Nicki Minaj, and T.I. on blast. Riding the momentum, big Gucci released Diary of a Trap God as a free release on September 11th.

The tape’s tracklist definitely raises some eyebrows. Waka Flocka and Tyga are featured on the project, both of whom were involved in Gucci’s twitter rant. Of course the tracks were recorded at an earlier date; Guwop’s attempt of making Tyga and Waka look silly was nonetheless a failure. While Diary of a Trap God surely seems like the result of a publicity stunt, it isn’t as corny as that may suggest. Production from Drumma Boy, Zaytoven, and Lex Luger keeps the listening easy.

There are few lapses in the twenty-two track mixtape. At this point in his career, it seems Gucci Mane has perfected his effortless, syrupy flow. He finesses on songs like “Cali” and “Cutters” where he runs laps around the beat. The tape comes to a screeching halt on track 8, “Pussy Wet”. Featuring Marilyn Manson, it is the creepiest rap song in recent memory. Though the collaboration is original, its eerie mood doesn’t fit anywhere on the tape. Along with “Pussy Wet”, “Nights Like This” with Waka Flocka is another rare misstep. Waka’s over-energetic approach normally intensifies a song, but even he couldn’t overcome the dullness of the track. Aside from these two songs, Diary of a Trap God is a commendable piece of work.

Just a few days after the release of the mixtape, Gucci was arrested at his Atlanta home for carrying a concealed weapon, marijuana possession, and irregular behavior. Guwop was soon taken to the hospital after the arrest. Though his recent behavior and health are in question, Gucci proved that he is still capable of releasing quality trap music with this mixtape. Hopefully the 1017 king can stay out of prison and twitter disputes, moving forward.

Download Diary of a Trap God below and let us know what you think of the project.


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