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Jerel Robinson, “Relly Rellz”, was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 18th, 1989, to John and Crystal Robinson. John, a talented church musician and Crystal, a singer with the voice of an angel, raised their seven children in a musical household. Starting out in church, John trained RellyRellz as a pianist and Relly’s two older brothers, John Jr. “Wiz” on the drums and Ja-Quan “Queez” on the bass. John would later teach Relly’s four younger sisters the craft of music as well. From long Sunday services, to long days at school, Relly Rellz and his brothers began using their talent to create quality music. Living in a four bedroom apartment with a room dedicated solely to music, this became an incubator for the young neighborhood rappers. The brothers' first initiative was a rap crew, “Neck Breaka Productions”, led by their older brothers, Ramel “Raski” and Kaseem “Kah Billz”. Later the brothers created their own branch, “Fam Gang” where Relly Rellz experimented with different techniques in his hip-hop music production. These techniques led Relly Rellz to produce for artists from New York, to Pennsylvania, and down to Georgia. He has come a long way from producing with a Roland XP50 at the age of seven, to recording with a 16 track recorder, and producing with a Roland Phantom X7. By 2009, after the birth of his son, Relly Rellz knew it was time to improve his quality with software such as Reason 9 and Pro Tools; later upgrading to Logic for both producing and recording. No matter which software he used his goal was to outdo himself and create music that captured an audience. After many years of producing for various artists, Relly Rellz eventually became a solo artist with a unique style of rapping. From 2006 through 2010, Relly Rellz selfishly withheld his music from listeners in order to sharpen his craft and create anticipation for the release of his first single titled “Watsup Watsup” in January of 2011. The song captivated an audience across eastern Pennsylvania and inspired a new movement, the Watsup Watsup movement. On April 1st, 2011 Relly Rellz did his first major performance introducing his secret weapon, his all-girl band. A band comprised of Relly’s four sisters, Jasmine “Kimmee”, “Jeannette Charay” , Jonise, and Jennell. Relly Rellz partnered with his sisters to take Pennsylvania by storm with their fresh style of combining live music with catch melodies and powerful rhymes. He also wrote for various artists, including his sisters’ group “Fam Gang Sis” and experimented with his younger sister, Jennell Robinson, as a singer. In an effort to reinvent himself again, he began singing on his songs, which captured a new crowd. Mixing house, pop, and hip-hop, he generated a new wave with his second single titled “Crush”, in the fall of 2011. With the success of his new project, “The Watsup Watsup Movement” was officially a known name in the Lehigh, PA area. To add to his accomplishments, Relly Rellz created the So WatsupWatsup Tour (SWWT) to provide an opportunity for artists, like himself, to offer entertainment to college students. The SWWT is a collaboration of artists, a live band, a D.J., and SWWT supporters ready to have a good time with the students on campus. Traveling from city to city, the SWWT manages to captivate the attention of various crowds. Relly Rellz is proud to share this opportunity with upcoming artists and provide an outlet in which they can expand. At the age of 22, Relly Rellz separates himself from the average unsigned artist by repeatedly reminding his audience of his diversity and pure talent. His fan base recognizes him for his musical talent. Relly Rellz is also credited with managing his all-girl band. While at the same time, organizing their performances, marketing the Watsup Watsup Movement, and editing most of his own music videos. He is currently working on releasing his first album, “The Relly Rellz Project” through the Watsup Watsup Movement. Relly Rellz always makes sure he satisfies his listeners whether he is producing, singing, rapping, or writing. His commitment to music is a bond that is unbreakable; you will be hard pressed to find an artist that can produce, write, rap, sing, market, and build a solid fan base. Relly Rellz is a versatile individual with the genius of an artist and entrepreneur.


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