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Ayo! Check out other artist I have worked with. Search their pages on sound cloud and you tube for good music and the songs with me featured on there. Soultunebeats Kriss C. Music HTBeats (DJ_Noobley) ephelant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExJxVXUPDiw UnoFuego ...and many others. Thanks so much for working with me. More to come. Facebook: RyJean Merovingian My Name: RyJean OmegaRed Ibex TheMerovingian CopperTop RyJean: This is from "Raijin" the Japanese Shinto god of thunder. This is also why I use Copper Top, or probably because I have dark red hair. Jean is a variation of my real name. (I'm not telling you fuckers my government name). Someone once asked me "Does the Ry in RyJean stand for rhyming?" Not not really... but what the hell, I'll go with that. I like that, it's like "Rhyming Gene" like it's in my genetics or something lol! Omega Red: The homie Silver Bullet named me after the Marvel super villain. Since then, I've meet like 12 Omega Red's :[ What ever... you might catch me still using this name in a verse here and there. Ibex: It's a mountain goat. When I was little the Rams used to play for LA. I liked that team ever since Merovingian: War lords in old France. They wore long red hair to show rank. “Nothing can survive higher than the IBEX” Hip Hop’s virtuosic loadstar. If the bane of incoherent lyrical content has induced disdain among the masses, then VOILA! Remedy has unearthed a jewel to nurture the emaciated. Within criterion parameters, IBEX is venerable and ever headstrong to covey veritably. The norm of sordid verisimilitude presents no avail to the burgeoning behest of true Hip Hop partisans. A gift of catharsis, IBEX is a paradigm of the Golden Era (mid 90’s rap) in attempt to supplant. Listeners will evoke the gratification of germane rap music once attainable. Each track propagates efficaciously. This sanguine music is conducive to peers and audience. A collection of lucid song themes, IBEX is universally rapport. Make a feasible commute to amicable reception. Listen and enjoy.


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