Raz Simone Videos

  • Cover of Raz Simone "Let It Go" Video
    Raz Simone continues his streak of impressive visuals with "Let It Go." The second release from the emcee's upcoming Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2, the moody track comes packaged with an announcement from Raz himself:
  • Cover of Raz Simone "Cheap Money" Video
    Raz Simone continues to drop some of the dopest visuals in all of hip-hop music with "Cheap Money." Beautifully shot with a high contrast ratio on what appears to be a cloudy day (they can fake those things in post-production), the single's somber mood is faithfully conveyed by the filmmakers.
  • Cover of Raz Simone Speaks On Owning A Speakeasy, Losing A Backup Singer To Macklemore
    Seattle native Raz Simone has a very unique life story, which comes through in his music, and we wanted to know more.
  • Cover of Raz Simone "Bow Down" Video
    Raz Simone may be on tour with Rittz right now, but he's still putting in work to hold over fans who may not be in the the rhymesayer's path.
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