Raz Simone Songs

  • Cover of Raz Simone - Why Aren't You Mine?
    Raz Simone is quickly becoming one of hip-hop music's most intriguing up-and-comers. On top of producing some of the genre's most creative music videos, he's also taking risks that most emcees simply aren't willing to for fear of alienating their fanbases.
  • Cover of Raz Simone - These Words
    One thing's immediately apparent when looking at the artwork for Raz Simone's new track "These Words": the dude really likes his gold chains.
  • Cover of Raz Simone - Out Here Gettin' Money
    Raz Simone's been busy. He's been out there gettin' money, serving time, and making deep, introspective music. This is Raz Simone at his best. The song is catchy and funny.
  • Cover of Raz Simone - My People
    Over the past few weeks, Raz Simone has been dropping off tracks from his upcoming project Cognitive Dissonance Pt. 2, each drop seemingly more heartfelt and powerful than the last. "My People" follows suit, with Simone giving thanks to everyone who has helped to get him this far. 
  • Cover of Raz Simone - So Many Things
    Raz Simone is rolling out his new project, Cognitive Dissonance Part 2, by dropping one song off a time off the LP, all of which will culminate in the album itself, for free download on January 28th. As the 300-signed rapper says, "I want to create a new experience of listening to an album.
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