On Tuesday, a long police standoff at Chris Brown's L.A. home following reports that he had pulled a gun on a woman ended with the singer being arrested. Brown was released on $250,000 bail today, and while he has yet to make a statement following his arrest, his lawyer has stressed that the "allegations against him are demonstrably false," while Ray J, who was present at the time of the alleged threat, has also spoken up on the events.

"My job is to just say that Chris is 100... meaning he's a good dude," Ray J told Entertainment Tonight, going on to question alleged victim Baylee Curran's story. "I think it was wrong and sad, and it hurts my feelings that you work so hard to try to get better, and a small little length of a story that you don't even know is even real or not can affect you this much without even getting the facts."

However, Ray J was hesitant to go on record to dispute Curran's claims that Brown pulled a gun on her, before a car began to follow her when she left the home. "I can't say what's truthful or not because I've never seen that happen and I was right there... So I don't want to comment." Later on, he told the host, "Everything you're saying is ridiculous to me."

View a clip from Ray J's interview below.