Quell Keith

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Anterious Keith bka Quell Keith has endured way more than a typical teen. his Father passed away At the age of Thirdteen. Quell Keith got into hip-hop music because of the passion it brings and to express himself. At thirdteen years old, he promised his mother an Grandmother he would work hard to make Them proud of him. Sadly, things didnt go as planned. He Started letting the streets get to him by getting into fights and once led to him putting a gun out on one of his enenies which led him into jail but, was a juvnile at the time so they let him off with 9months probation. He lost his father at the age of 13 to a violent street crime. Even though he has suffered the lost of his father at a young age, Keith has continued to make his mother proud and a name for himself in the hip-hop world. Keith admits that he use to hind his talent as a rapper intil' he decided that he really could use that talent to get his family out the hood. Thats when he decided that he would take his rap career seriously, his friend Justin Landy told him to start writing so he went out and started buying studio equipment so he could record his own music and so he could work on his writing and recording skills. Keith's first hip-hop song he recorded in 2006 was Look At My Jay's. His talent wasnt recognized until his second song Jay's On My Feet in 2007 after leaving the hip-hop group "South Lee" & landing A partnership deal with his uncle Big Chuck owner of Big Chuck Entertainment in 2008 which lead to his 1st record deal with (TMG/E1) Tate Music Group & E1 Music.the rest was history only time will tell what Keith does next so stay tuned!!


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