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The name Qua lu was given to him in the, hood where he grew up, the east side of North Miami, Florida. Lesyle Senecharles now at the age of 24 (born May 5, 1986) was raised by his single mother and grandmother. Growing up in a house without his dad, Qua lu and his friends’ main focus became the streets and tryna get money. His mom was from Brooklyn. She’s Haitian and Dominican and his dad is Cuban (who was deported while Qua was a child). Since his mom was from New York, he used to go up there in the summer. From his uncles in New York, he was exposed to all the old artist like Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane,, LL Cool J… Just a lot of rappers… but out of all of them out of Pac, Biggie and Jay-z… Big L caught his attention. “Just hearing everything he was saying just blew my mind and at and the age of 12 or 13, I knew this is what I wanted to do was become an MC.” He made his first Demo at the age of 15 (paid for by his mom.) It was at an up and coming studio called Studio B. “The core engineer asked me where did he get this from, because he knew what was coming out of my mouth.. and I told him Big L.. I wrote my own rhymes but the hook was from Big L.. he asked me what did I know about Big L.. I said knew he was a part of a crew called DITC Digging In The Crates Lord Finest.” Qua lu describes himself as a lyrical rapper…not an ABC rapper and is a fan of Mase too lyrically. “I have a mixtapes called “Bout To Drop and Streets of Qua lu” I’m just on their experimenting on beats.. It’s the first one ever. I’m pushing “look at this money”... talking about behind the money, money, power respect.. when you hear it… just listen to it. You will hear what I’m saying.. I’m bringing the message..it’s not like what everyone else talking about. it’s self explanatory. Money makes the world go around.”


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