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My name is Dequan Starnes and I was born and raised in the small town of Monroe in North Carolina. I Was Born on Jan 7, 1990, I'm the oldest of 4 children all boys by my wonderful mother by the name of Carrie Massey. All my life I have seen my mom struggle with raising four kids with the help of my beautiful grandmother by the name of Alma Massey, and working a regular 9 to 5 job living from pay check to pay check just to keep a roof over our heads. Even at an early age I Dreamed to be able to tell my mom someday, "mama you don't have to work I'm rich you can kick your feet up now". Q-Starnes evolved through the help and guidance of my friends and family. The Q-Starnes identity will persevere in an uplifting, positive, motivating form for many generations to come. The first album that I released was a mixed tape "The Making of a Legend". These tracks can be found on youtube and q-starnesworld.com. I've just released a new album titled "Good Muzik" starring my co-artist and producer by the name of Randell Massey aka Randeezee. It was released on March 23rd, and it is a self described album full of different genre's, representing good music all around the world. This was distributed by Tunecore and it can be found on itunes and q-starnesworld.com. The video release of "Dawgin Haters" was released on May 18th,which is one of the singles from the album, take a peek at the worldwide sensation on the following sites quoted above. Currently I'm working on a mix tape called the "Chosen One", release date to be announced soon. This could be one the biggest mixed tapes of this season and years to come. My co-artist and producer Randell Massey is an older cousin who has always treated me as a younger brother. We became partners by him believing in me and being able to create music together as a team to become one of the biggest artist that will be known today. He records and engineers all the music and beats to help bring my creativity to a professional quality sound. I also have a great manager by the name of Joseph Marvels. Joe was directed to me by his sister, Dianna Blakeney, who has truly put my career on the right path. Joseph has made connections with different productions and film companies to help guide me to higher expectations of film footage. I have a 2nd producer by the name of AJ Simon aka JGunna, who co-produces my main producer Randell. He helps create different sounds and up-tempo beats to help boost my creativity with music. We released our first video on youtube we had 1103 views in 3 days. We have also done some local performances in the Charlotte/Indian Trail/Monroe Area. Not to brag or boost but we've had packed housed at all our events. My grandmother has always said that "one day we're going to make it to the top" and one of the songs on the album relates to her compliment and it's titled "To The Top", the fourth song on the album. If you haven't heard any of our music, I encourage you to take a peek because of my favorite quote, "you can never judge a book by it's cover". If you have heard it I hope that you as my fans keep supporting us in what we do because without you all and the lord above, we would not be where we are today. So I thank each and every person for taking the time to read this if its anything else you want to know just listen to my music, you can come Follow me and my team on Twitter.com/Qstarnes And be on the look out because we will be coming to a city near you."


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