After all the album delays, and a hoard of “Cruel Summer, more like Cruel Fall” jokes, it appears that the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album is finally nearing completion.  In an interview with MTV, Pusha T talked colorfully about the upcoming album and what fans can expect.  He also discussed his solo effort, and how it will be dark in theme, but bright in music.

Pusha says he does not know exactly, but expects to be featured on six or seven  cuts on Cruel Summer, and fans can expect a wide-array of music taste on the LP, “It’s like a melting pot of music...And I say that to say there are records that I rhymed on that Kid Cudi had like two verses of singing and I just come in, and still somebody else may have done a verse to it.”  The Clipse rapper continued to describe the album in colorful metaphor, “It’s a total unfinished Rubik’s Cube of a mixture of colors and attitudes of an album.”

The album is almost ready for release and Pusha says he’s offering up final touches for Kanye, “I’m gonna get to lend an ear to it and later on today give my opinion on what I think. Maybe it may want some tweaking, or maybe I’ll love it in its entirety, but it’s in its final final final stages."

When talking about working on his solo LP, the Virginia rapper says the subject matter is going to be “dark” and reflective of the streets, but expect master-producer Kanye West to mask those themes with “brightness of the music”. 

"The album is dark, and the album is dark in theme, but I think a lot of the darkness is camouflaged by the brightness of the music. I think Kanye means the truth of the album and the perspective of the album is just so dark and reality-based; it’s the unedited version of what a man in my position or many men out here in the street always ends up having a real perspective on it,” Pusha adds, “It’s a little scary."