Pusha T is hard at work at his upcoming solo album, recently revealed to be titled My Name Is My Name. True is that may be, Pusha has had to defend his name a time or two over the past year (or last year, rather), when it came to the likes of Lil Wayne.

Pusha T spoke to DJ Whoo Kid for a generous length of the time, and during the interview he discussed the Lil Wayne beef and why he had to record a diss track (most recently in Ludacris' record "Tell Me What They Mad For"). Pusha explains his fan base is smaller than that of YMCMB's leader, and he can't let straight-out statements like "fuck Pusha T" slide by. 

"This is how it works for me. You gotta remember the position that I'm in. These guys have like a large...way more fans that I have. So when you make a blanket statement like "fuck Pusha T." I can't let things like that just go, I can't let those type of things just fly. I'm not gunna be petty, don't wanna get in a talking match with these people. If it's about rap, let's just rap about it. It ain't nothin' to me. I'm spiteful."

He continued to explain how defending himself relates to his album title, "It's my livelihood, I can't let nobody who not from where I'm from talk down on me. I got a brand myself, G.O.O.O.D music is great, it's about positivity, it's about creativity, and it's cool, but I have a brand myself that I live by, like "My Name Is My Name" is my album title, 'cause my name is my name!"

Pusha Ton also mentioned artists you'll find featured on My Name Is My Name as well as those you wont. Big Sean and Kanye West will be on there, but Pusha says, "Me and 2 Chainz did not get to cut a record." As well, Meek Mill didn't make the cut, "Meek didn't get on the album." Although the LP is almost complete, the 1/2 of Clipse is still looking for a few more killer records. "I'm still adding a couple more. I'm really just tryna find the most demon records I could find. I wanna make some really iconic "Haily Mary"-esque, "Who Shot Ya"-esque [records]."

Listen to the full interview below.