Diddy - Puffy Daddy & Meek Mill's "#IWTL" Official Video Trailer

Rose Lilah
June 02, 2014 12:22

Watch the official trailer for Diddy and Meek Mill's collaboration "I Want The Love."

The other week Puff Daddy dropped a preview for an upcoming single with Meek Mill, "I Want The Love," which didn't actually contain shots of the visual, but rather it was found footage from the rappers' weekend in Las Vegas (with a video game theme). Today Diddy returns with the official trailer, and it's looking like a movie. Literally, the trailer is made to seem like a movie trailer.

With direction from Eif Rivera, Meek and Puff hit the great outdoors in the middle of the winter and skidoo, among other things. Stay tuned for the music and the video.

MMM on the way.

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Puffy Daddy & Meek Mill's "#IWTL" Official Video Trailer