Diddy - Puff Daddy And Guy Gerber's "11 11" Documentary Feat. Guy Gerber

Puff Daddy and Guy Gerber detail their new "11 11" collabo with a new documentary.

Puff Daddy's long-in-the-works "11 11" project with Israeli DJ Guy Gerber finally dropped earlier this week, and has to be one of the most unexpected collabos of the year. Now THUMP has unveiled a short documentary that follows the odd couple through recording sessions, studio time and listening sessions, attempting to explain how this album came about.

Apparently, Gerber thought his friend was joking when he told him that Puff Daddy had called, but sure enough, Diddy invited Gerber to NYC to make music, and the rest is history.

According to Gerber, Diddy said he wanted "Something that will be played in rooms I'm not supposed to be in. Basically, let's make something weird."

Sounds like he got what he wanted.


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