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Intro It has been a long road for the Miami bred hybrid group/band. And the journey still continues. With thicker skin and a new mind set, Project 1804 sets out to accomplish the mission they started over eight years ago. Project 1804 brings a long with them for the journey a new sound and new direction. The group has crafted a very real world album which is a big departure from their usual party and women themed songs. With a focus on being “The Under Dawgs” and capturing that in their new EP of the same title, the Miami natives look to turn some heads. History Their quest started over eight years ago with the now defunct group 4Deep. The group broke apart after 4Deep’s first meeting with producer Ludas Charles. Ludas suggested the break up after hearing the group once. He knew Fleurimond and JB were the real talent and so the new group Fresh Fellas was born. Fresh Fellas seemed poised to make a big splash in the Hip-Hop and R&B genres. But fate had something more cruel in mind for the group. Fresh Fellas had achieved what most young groups only dream of, a number one song on a Top 40 radio station. Their song “Booty” was an R&B and Rap fusion unheard of at the time. The song was released in 2005 battling for position against 50 Cents’s “In Da Club” and Gwen Stefani’s “Holla Back”. But even this feat would prove futile against fate. Fresh Fellas sound at the time was deemed refreshing and innovative. Often compared to the group PM Dawn the Fresh Fellas were a force to be reckoned with. Their melodic melodies and charismatic rap sound captured the hearts of fans in Miami. Their live performances were just as enthralling as the music. Mixing choreography and a stellar stage presence they wowed crowds of all ages. But sadly the group was badly mismanaged which led to their number one single eventually fizzling out. The group would prove to be resilient, and their fans would as well prove to be the definition of the words die hard. Enter P R O J E C T 1 8 0 4! Reborn Fleurimond and JB continued to push the Fresh Fellas music. They put together an album which they started selling out of the trunk of their cars. But time is the one thing that no one can escape, and Fresh Fellas time was up. In 2008 their long time producer and friend Ludas Charles was putting together a company called NETTworks, knowing of Fleurimond and JB’s talents he asked if they would join his company. Without a thought the two joined their comrade on the third chapter of their tumultuous career. Wanting to wash away the failure that was Fresh Fellas and start with a clean slate, Fleurimond and JB sat down with Ludas to come up with a new project. Fleurimond came up with the name 1804, which was the year their home country Haiti freed themselves from their French enslavers. Ludas also joined the group and the three began to work on new music. The music they had come up with was different from their prior foray as Fresh Fellas. So different in fact, one musical act wasn’t enough to describe their sound. 1804’s sound was something to behold! fusing Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop Rock in what they titled as “Hybrid Music”. “Linkin Park and Maroon 5 meets Frankie Lyman and Baby Face meets Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem” were how the local media summed up their sound. The band felt 1804 wouldn’t describe what they truly were. So they decided to put Project in front of 1804, because they were the result of the sacrifice their ancestor’s had made over two hundred years ago. With all that said Project 1804 is not a group, it is not a band, it is a movement! Ludas Charles puts it best when he said. “It is something we have not experienced in our musical generation.” Ladies and gentlemen I give you… P R O J E C T 1 8 0 4! For More Info Jim Beauvais: (786)210-6827 NETTworks LLC: (305)761-2687


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