Problem Slaps A Police Officer In "Stressin" Music Video

Devin Ch
March 07, 2018 13:55

Problem has dropped the video for his lead single "Stressin."

It's funny how marijuana produces intense paranoia in some, but relieves stress in others. Compton rapper Problem seems to tune in to the latter. In "Stressin" touches on the cycle of anxiety created by selling and smoke weed. The video plants him directly in the streets, as he saunters in an adidas track jacket. The walk in the park leads him to a woman looking to cop, and he hands her the nickel bag she fiends for, only to be interrupted by a police unit. He quickly strikes the officer with a blow to the head and steals his standard issue Crown Victoria, leaving him in the weeds and clutching his head.

This video drop directly coincides with the 6 year anniversary of his landmark mixtape Welcome to Mollywood and most importantly the 5 year mark of his 2013 release The Separation. Problem relies quite heavily on the superstition of numbers, or so it seems.

 Separation 2 is not to be missed. Be on the lookout.

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