Problem "Don't Belong To You" Video

January 20, 2017 17:06

Problem portrays a harrowing tale of love and jealousy in the video for "Don't Belong To You."

As Promised, Problem released his project Chachiville today and to promote the album the West Coast rapper delivers the gripping video for "Don't Belong To You."

Though the track has a fun and infectious beat, the message within the song and in this visual is anything but fun. The rapper portrays a love triangle gone bad as he and a special lady kick it around town while unknowingly being stalked and followed home by the woman's former flames. The visuals take a turn for the worst at the end when Problem gets into confrontations with the other males who have fallen in love with his woman. The video also ends with a PSA from Chachi himself that states, "Though this music video is fictional, this actual situation is becoming more and more common amongst men and women 15 to 45 years of age. Prayers to all the families who have lost someone due to senseless murders over love, sex or jealousy."

Check out the cinematic video above and if you haven't yet, go get Problem's new Chachiville project here.

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