Prince The Rookie

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Whatup world it's your boy Timothy Hill just dropping some information on the College Wilder What i have learned about this young humble man. Prince Aka Justin Olateru was born and raised in St Louis but to some would be considered a nomad,living in other cities such as Kansas City,Atlanta,Los Angeles,and Lagos,Nigeria Prince's late grandpa was a king in Owo, Nigeria where 450,000 people reside where his Uncle is the current successor of the throne in Nigeria, which is also where the self titled Prince arrised. Prince experience a early parental divorce at the age of 3 which left the Male model absent in his life. With Prince's father moving back to Nigeria Prince had to adapt to the world as an adolescent without a father figure and just learned by what he seen and experienced, from seeing close family members do prison time on a various amount of charges to even losing childhood friends and family members to street violence before even understanding the full concept of death. " Thats why I like to let it be known that im not out here trying to be what im not, i dont talk about shit I haven't done or experienced, im not going to sit here and tell you that yea i had a bad childhood because it wasn't but on the same hand life happens, I don't have it in me to look down on anyone trying to get paid because whatever they may say at the end of the day this world revolves around money, that is the "American dream!" By the age of 13 Prince was already an aspiring entertainer and just was taken over by his resilliance and formed a rap duo with his childhood friend" Brother" Faze Da Kid and start rapping on Faze's home computer that came along with a "top of the line 20 dollar mic!" Prince states, in a jokingly matter " as months went on I start getting serious about it, I was told its not about how much time you work on it, its about how much work you put in the time. I got to my freshman year of high school and realized how much fun i was having recording what i thought then was good music and people actually listening and I have been doing it ever since my goal is not to get famous i just have fun when i do it im not trying to fit into any shoes or have any kind of image haha!..Its Just "The Prince" Aka "College Wilder" aka "The Rookie"


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