Prince's half-sister, Sharon Nelson, has alleged that the late legend's estate has been mismanaged by Comerica Bank & Trust. According to Nelson, nearly three years after the brother's death, his estate will soon be bankrupt due to unsettled disputes between the institution and his heirs.

Nelson tells Billboard that the infighting between the family and Comerica has resulted in "thousands of court filings and racked up millions of dollars in legal fees, without any money or real estate assets being distributed to the late artist's beneficiaries."

Nelson tells the publication that if disputes are not settled, "Prince’s estate will be bankrupt by the end of the year.”

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

“Prince is not resting in peace while this is going on,” the 79-year-old Nelson says. “He's very upset what these people have done to his estate. It's really sad.”

Nelson says that legal costs have become so great for her and other beneficiaries, that they have resorted to preparing their own motions and filings in order to represent themselves in court. Nelson says so far she along with Prince's other siblings--his full sister Tyka Nelson, his half brothers Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, John R. Nelson and his other half-sister Norrine Nelson--have racked up $3 million in legal fees.  

"We cannot afford an attorney," she says. "You walk through the door and it’s $400. Now we write our own affidavits and petitions."