A few recent videos captured at a Post Malone concert are going viral for the wrong reasons, showing the world-famous performer in the middle of his emotive hit "I Fall Apart," seemingly losing his footing and rolling around on stage while still blurting out the lyrics. People are using the clips as "proof" that the singer should be seeking help, either for alcohol or substance abuse, but the people closest to Malone say he's really just vibing out.

The viral video shows Post Malone singing to the crowd of thousands on his knees before he clumsily stumbles and continues singing while laying on his side. He then gets back to a crouching position and screams his lyrics, which could be unnerving to anybody who has not been to this man's concert before.

All things considered though, this is just the way that Post Malone is. He brings that energy to his stage show every night and the people that are closest to him are not worried about anything going on in the clip. Commenting on DJ Akademiks' post, Malone's manager chimed in. 

"All Vibez," said Dre London, co-signing DJ Carnage's message that the Texas-raised rapper was just having fun. 

Post Malone is an avid beer drinker, and some are pointing to his alcohol consumption for the behaviour in this video. We're going to say that he was just feeling himself a little hard and decided to get extra emotional for the performance.