Who knew Pornhub would come in clutch as the city of Philadelphia readies its streets and public venues for a potential celebration this upcoming Super Bowl Sunday. The adult entertainment giant is generously offering the Pennsylvanian metropolis bottles of lube to help grease up their light posts around the city. While this does sound particularly unusual, Eagles fans have notoriously climbed these long shafts in the past as an act of celebration if the team had won. 

In advance of the Eagles' win against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game, city officials were photographed greasing up streetside light posts with Crisco in an effort to impede overzealous fans from enacting their inner Tarzan and monkeying around. 

However, this precautionary effort only seduced Philadelphians, as they were seen braving the highly lubricated surfaces regardless of their slippery nature. 

Pornhub's gesture is both comical and practical, but will most likely be ineffective in thwarting the everyday civilian from exclaiming their excitement from the top of every light post in the city, if the Eagles are successful that is.