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About Pop Dollarz

Pop Dollarz, a charismatic East Coast rapper, with an incredible passion and gift for expressing himself. He is classic Hip Hop with a modern twist and known for his comedic personality, confident boasts and prolific output. Born, William Cata, on October 16, 1994, in the heart of where Hip Hop originated, Bronx, NY. Pop became an avid fan of Hip Hop at a young age and was always determined to become one of the greats; he began writing rhymes at the tender age of nine years old. Growing up in the Bronx, Pop Dollarz overcame the struggles of everyday street life. After losing his older brother to gun violence, he decided to redirect his aggression and anger towards something more positive and began to take his music seriously. In 2005, he became acquainted with Bronx native Cory Gunz and Hip Hop legend Peter Gunz where he showcased his rhyming skills; both took a liking to Pop. One year, after the death of his brother, in 2006 his mother packed up the entire family and relocated to Atlanta, GA where Pop Dollarz continued to pursue his career; performing in talent showcases and consistently creating “feel good” music. In 2008, Pop and his family moved from Atlanta, GA to Queens, NY. Several months after, he soon became apart of Militia, where Pop Dollarz, Cory Gunz, and Young Hash began making music and performing together. In August of 2008, Militia went on tour with super producer/singer Ryan Leslie. January of 2009, Pop Dollarz signed with Millionaire Management, Inc. He has continued his mission of becoming a legend in Hip Hop. His level of creativity for rhyming has continued to rise over the past year; Pop has been displayed on many of the top Hip Hop websites such as Thisis50.com, Worldstarhiphop.com, Vladtv.com, Boobootv.com, Forbezdvd.com and GlobalGrind.com. Pop Dollarz is coming in the game as a force to be reckoned with, bypassing all obstacles thrown his way and continuing to live by his motto… “Always be original, don’t let anybody stop your creativity, never be afraid to go with your instincts and be yourself.”


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