Polo G wants to make it very clear that, no, he did not sell his soul to the devil, thanks for asking. The rapper took to TikTok on Tuesday (June 23rd) to address these blasphemous claims, which began after he shared some photos of his brand new chain. The pendants appeared to depict a goat-headed creature with horns, or a Baphomet, which was said to have been worshipped by Templars and bears Satanic associations.


😑😑I mean ig that mean I really made it when they say shit like that😭

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However, Polo is setting the record straight. "I just wanna know why people wanna say that I sold my soul," Polo says in the TikTok video. "Like, where the f*ck? Like, I watch my son and go to the studio. Where the f*ck would I find time to do some shit like that? Where the f*ck would I find time to do some shit? 'Oh, the um, the goat and the goat horns, it signifies the Baphomet.' Half y'all ass wouldn't even know how to f*ckin’ spell Baphomet if it wasn't for autocorrect, you stupid b*tch."

polo g soul devil sold chain goat Baphomet tiktokFrazer Harrison/Getty Images
Fans began expressing concern over Polo's potential Satanic affiliations ever since he first posted footage of the new chain earlier this month. 

"Polo g is official, but he sold his soul to the devil or what," tweeted one fan. "End of that video threw me off." Another wrote, "Pls dont tell me polo g sold his soul to the devil."

Some replied directly to his post on Twitter, telling him to ditch his new ice because of what it appears to represent.

"Say goodbye dat chain def represent sum abt the devil idc," one user replied. "Embracing the devil... Yall better leave the goat where it’s at," said another. "Boi you weird af for wearing that shit the devil own your ass OG!" one user told Polo. It looks like it was all just a misunderstanding.