Police ID Suspect After Shooting Takes Place In the Home Of Chief Keef's Manager

Following an intense shooting leaving a man wounded at the house rented by Chief Keef's manager, the formal investigation yielded an ID of the suspect.

The Northfield Village shooting at Chief Keef's Manager's home has been an eyebrow-raising event. The shooting left a man critically wounded following numerous complaints about several disruptions taking place at the residence. 

Yes, Chief Keef was questioned by the police but he was never held as a suspect. Rather the Northfield Village police have successfully ID'd a suspect, but there is no other information other than the fact that they have not caught him. There was, however, a recording of a 911 call alleging that a home robbery was taking place?

We will bring you more details when they trickle in, the whole issue is, as of a now, fuzzy to say the least. So what do you theorize is going on here?

Watch the full news report in the video below. 



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