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Plymouth da Phoenix Rap Name: Plymouth da Pheonix Alias: Mr. Mizz short for Mr. Mizzory (poetically inclined) Poetry Name: Beautifully Tragic Gesture A 24 yr Old with much potential is exactly what I am. I am a slide show, of life's many different faces, and propositions. So many thoughts run through my mind, so many stories untold. I'm sort of like a monster, because I am filled with anger, filled with rage and from it spills my power (which is writing). I am the word of a poet in dispair, mixed with the street hustlers, to the old folk back in the day singing on corners sipping on a 40 ounce. So many different unique patterns of music run together in my head, to the point I can't sleep. My objective stretches much deeper than shine and becoming rich. My objective is to give back, eliminate certain aspects that the generalized public are blind to. My names are intertwined within my personal beliefs and struggles. My poet name: Beautifully Tragic Gesture, comes from the inner tragedy in which I have felt since me loosing my mother and father. The hate stored in for the world, which comes first. It tops off my revival, because as i switched from just writing poems I began to call my self Mr. Mizz, not short for Mike, but Mizzory. THe spelling is more of a updated and cool way, but just stands for Misery in the Mind. That has brought me to what I call myself now, which is Plymouth da Phoenix. Plymouth, the rock in which we landed on, the foundation for the United States basically. Plymouth Rock, but I stand for all, as I develop I plan to add the basis to basic situations of despair since I am aware of how lonely it can get when your going through something, and the Phoenix in Greek Mythology is just a symbol of being reborn. Other whack rappers just use it and don't know why. There's purpose. "January's Own" Stay tuned because i know at 23 things are not giving, I realize this now. I realize people do not want to be bugged. Me building support doesn't have to inquire buggin everyone who i request with updates and blah. If you choose to listen you will hear something special. This life is built off of free will, and freely you will grow to love me, as I continue to drop and drop. I will develop over time, and as time elapses every album or song i written since 06 shall be refurbished and released on top of new material. "January's Own" let's win, support me and I will support you. Read more: My music flows directly from how I feel, Most people try to force music so much. They search for hits, which doesn't advocate consistency. Me, I would love to have a hit, major success, but my music comes from raw emotions. My experiences, my friends experiences. My first piece, that will be completely free to all will be "January's Own". and why you ask. To most January is just another month, a winter month, very cold and dark to many. Wrong, January is the moment when everyone has a chance to have there phoenix moment and forget the past in start over. It's the beginning in calendar terms, NUmber 1. The month of a winner, because second just doesn't qualify as ahead in this world. That will be the first piece, as far as other things in the working, i won't give it all away. I will say this though, I have a chance to write more than record. Since 2006, i have been writing day after day. I just need a chance and break to develop a full team and get exposure, but mainly RECORD. So for news and updates about new material stay tuned to my sites. Read more:


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