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So Baton Rouge is about to crown a new hip hop architect, Louisiana native Piz Corleone also known as Pizzle or Piz for short; is stirring quite a bit of noise in the hip hop community. You may ask yourself who this MC is well I will give you some key statements “For Municipal Purposes Only” and “I Think I Have A Smoking Problem” name a few of the hard hitting biographical sounds that defines only a meer piece of this artist. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and then moving to the east coast landing in Maryland; Piz has had an ear for music since a young age. Over the years Piz groomed his art form by excelling in English while in school, making sure to understand grammar as well as the placement of punctuality; this in turn helped create the unique bar structure that he currently has. In addition to the writing when Piz turned 16 he began to gain an interest into the composition and production of sound. Contrary to what many may think it all started from a simple melody drummed with a pencil on a high school desk. To help bring this thought into fruition; long time friend and family member Kayloh began reciting rhymes to the melodies that Piz would create. Which then blossomed into acquiring the correct equipment to venture into professional production. From there he had a short stint at Omega Recording Studios in Bethesda, MD to help mold some of his rough edges into fine tuned assets. Piz’s combination of down south flavor and east coast rhymes makes Piz’s unique sound ear catching and somewhat tantalizing. As he speaks about his past and present affairs using hard hitting 808’s ; you may miss the story that he is trying to tell because of the captivating sounds that your eardrums are resonating. Piz Corleone has produced for artists such as Bun B, 100 Grand Man, and Big Head based in Bton Rouge to say the least. His most relevant example of work would be the recently released Dosha Burner Chronicles 2 and the follow up DBC2 Reloaded which is a great example of his lyrical ability. Piz plans to release his “Mr. Medicinal” project later this year on April 20th, 2011. If you want an east coast appeal with a southern draw that can’t be denied then you will have your montage from this artist. Current Location Baton Rouge, Louisiana General Manager Syranno DeGlasses Booking Agent Syranno DeGlasses Website http://pizcorleone.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pizcorleone http://twitter.com/doshaburna


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