Peter Rosenberg News

  • Cover of Childish Gambino Says "Rap Is Done" In Hot 97 Interview
    Childish Gambino doesn't always open up in interviews, he usually lets people know how he truly feels through his music, poems, or Twitter rants.
  • Cover of Jay Electronica Returns To Twitter To Put Peter Rosenberg And Lyor Cohen On Blast
    Before today, Jay Electronica had been absent from Twitter since April 26th, shortly following a rant he posted about "so-called thugs" and crooked cops. But ten or so hours ago, Mr. Electronica reactivated his profile, seemingly for the purpose of putting more people on blast. 
  • Cover of This Is Hot 97: Interview With The Morning Show Hosts
    In case y'all were wondering about VH1's new reality series "This Is Hot97", our very own Ashlee Ray recently caught up with the principal cast in New York City for an in-depth interview.
  • Cover of Nicki Minaj Talks With Peter Rosenberg For First Time About 2012 Summer Jam Incident
    This year's Hot 97 Summer Jam is only a week away, and perhaps in the spirit of it, Peter Rosenberg had a sit-down with Nicki Minaj on Hot 97. As you may recall, Peter Rosenberg left quite the impression on Nicki Minaj when he blasted her hit single at the time, "Starships," for not being real hip-hop.
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