Prince Peezy and Lala Chanel

Prince peezy an American rapper, and song writer Born 1989 January 2nd Prince peezy (real name) Ceano W. Mack was born And raised in hometown pompano beach fl., where he started writing and rapping as early as age 9 up until his teens, when he put the music aside for education. Picking it back up shortly after graduating high school , joining the Indie label frontline soulja ent in 2007 at age 18. Prince later paired up with singer lala Chanel and shortly after they began there dynamic duo as Prince Peezy and Lala Chanel, also known as the (808). They began making their names known, while approaching their way into the music industry by being hands on, and sponsoring themselves with hard work and effortless talent, gaining fans and followers all over the world. Lala Chanel An American singer, rapper,and song writer Born 1989 August 1st. Lala Chanel (real name) La'keisha Chanel Guthrie was born and raised in hollywood fl. She began singing as a toddler at age 5. Lala started her music career in her early teens becoming the lead singer of an all girl group, while still in high school. when the group split up she turned to rapping and became a member of frontline soulja ent. In 2007 she met Prince Peezy and they began featuring on songs together. Finally in 2009 they began their (808) movement as a group accomplishing loyal fans and major buzz all over the world and through the web. The unstoppable two have created their career from scratch, and is steadily growing and gathering more followers, while taking their success to the next level. (The 808) is described as the loud bass that you get out of every kick, making you feel the need to party even when there is no music. The 808 consist of two talented artist , a singer with pips like an old school Chevy and a rapper that capture the crowd with his energetic swag that screams to the doors of the industry ('Im Ready). Hip hop and Pop is there choice of genre casting them apart from anything that you ever seen since the "Black eye peas" Prince Peezy and Lala Chanel is (THE 808)BOOM!!!!


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