You've likely heard the name Pardison Fontaine, whether in passing or through an active seek-out. The New-York based songwriter has become an increasingly prominent voice in the game, as his transition from behind-the-scenes songwriting to donning the artist's hat takes full effect. Of course, many have come to know the rapper through his work with Kanye West and Cardi B; his relationship with Cardi is that of a full-fledged creative partner, with his pen having contributed to twelve out of thirteen Invasion Of Privacy cuts. Yet Pardison's artistry is not to be equated to a mercenary for hire. The rapper has much to offer, and an ever-expanding role in the spotlight points to a man with something to prove, and the skillset to prove it. 

On the latest episode of "On The Come Up," Pardison opens up about navigating the industry, working with Yeezy and Cardi B, and developing his own identity as an artist. 

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"Only time I could really hear hip-hop was when I used to try to record it on tapes," reflects Pardison, looking back on his formative years. For the most part, his younger self spent time in the Church, learning how to perform through his role in the choir. "My first thing I ever got my hands on was this DMX cassette tape. I don't know how I found it, it was outside. Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood. That was my introduction to rap." Clearly, the serendipitous find had a profound effect on young Pardison, who carries the DMX influence to this day. "My influence is X and Kanye," he admits. "They both had something to say. Very different artists, but both influenced me to do this." 

He continues, opening up about finally meeting one of his influences, and developing a working relationship at that. "Getting the phone call from Kanye was crazy," admits Pardison. "To hear that he want to work with me...that whole experience was an honor. He's dope though. You get to see him create it right there. It can be a room full of people. SHHHH. Everybody be quiet, I don't care how many people in there. Don't care who it is, execs from anywhere. If he got an idea he's laying it down right then and there. He's a master of engineering, getting all the elements in there." He proceeds to summarize Kanye's overall mentality rather succinctly, reflecting on how Kanye compared making music to building a house.

Of course, Pardison has come to be synonymous with the rise of Cardi B, and he makes sure to pay homage to the homie. "Cardi's my dawg," says Pardison. "Been my dawg since about 2013. I known her since the club days, when I was making my runs trying to perform wherever I could so we go way back. We got songs together, so this is the thing. We in the studio often, so it was no thing for us." Seeing as the pair worked intimately on creating many songs together, Pardison ultimately figured the collaborations were better suited to her, given her status as a rising megastar. "I was already writing in the third person. Once she heard that little piece, she was like 'I'm on this.' She Deebo'ed me."

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Image via HNHH