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-- Andrew Palillo was born in 1989 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. As a child, his life was mostly compiled of sports. Venturing from soccer, to baseball, to basketball, to hockey, he knew at an early age none of these were his calling. He lived in Malvern, an area within Scarborough that many may call one of the most dangerous areas. Looking back, he feels that his move east was, in a sense, a blessing. However, troubles occurred in his life as they do so prominently in others'. He stands by the theory of never regretting anything in his passed. From selling whatever he could get his hands on, to robbing cars, Palillo was headed in the wrong direction. On top of that, throughout high school he was constantly getting into fights and confrontations that eventually lead to him being removed from 2 out of 3 of his high schools. As an ever growing individual, Andrew has realized his mistakes, yet he believes what hadn't killed him has made him stronger. He will never regret a second of his past, as it made him what he is today. He started expressing himself through rap as many young teens do, in freestyle sessions and house party battles. He started experimenting at the age of 14 recording tracks with a group of teens who called themselves "Death Row Inmates". At this point of his life, it was about drinking, doing drugs, selling drugs, and making music. Andrew felt a rush as a freestyle artist, entertaining crowds at house parties and basement jams. Him and everyone who heard him knew he had a talent and it was just as of lately he decided to run with it. You can here success stories, struggle stories, and motivation through this young man's lyrics. Palillo was not raised in a completely generic rapper's environment, yet he has made many choices throughout his life that had put him in negative predicaments. In 2008, he was introduced to an entertainment company called Don Entertainment Group who was responsible for such successions such as Justin "Jus Fly" Darlington. Palillo has steady been working with this company in his most recent musical recordings. He is a talented, ambitious, intelligent, creative individual who will use all of these traits to achieve what he wants. Andrew Palillo will be exploring all avenues as he is constantly writing and learning. He is steadily keeping his options open and expressing his creativity through not only his music, but through poetry as well. Also, Palillo has been attending open mics, as well as exploring studio engineering and production. As the young man grows now as an individual, he is starting to understand his true potential. He stays strong to his values and with that as his backbone for his music, he believes his passion for it will never die. Recording artist, performer, songwriter, and poet. His undoubted passion for music and entertainment will not fade as he continues his journey throughout life and to the top.


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