Right now, the Remy Boyz consist of Fetty Wap and Monty. The group used to include P-Dice, who was featured on the original version of the hit single "679" and can be seen in the video. Dice was cut from the version of the song that appeared on Fetty Wap's debut album, and soon after its release, Fetty explained why he kicked Dice out of the Remy Boyz in a 15-minute video

The Remy Boyz are signed to RGF productions, and it seems that P-Dice severed his ties with the label after his departure from the group. In any case, the Paterson rapper is now saying that Nitt Da Gritt, the owner of RGF, won't let him out of his contract. "Nitt Da Gritt, you heard, himself, snake-y ass don't wanna let me out my contract, 'cuz he know I'm 'bout to pass all you n*ggas," said Dice in a recent Instagram video post. 

A couple of hours later, Dice turned his attention to Fetty Wap, as he posted a video of himself standing outside of Fetty's house, demanding that his former crewmate come outside and confront him. "Fetty Wap, where the fuck are you? I'm at your fuckin' house. And I got my n*ggas with me, so none of you n*ggas from the petting zoo try to jump me." 

He also told Fetty to send his girl in his place if he happened to be out of town. "If you ain't in town, tell your bitch come outside. She tougher than you anyway." 

It's unclear if Dice was able to track the Zoo leader down, though Fetty recently shared a video of himself smoking a fattie to a throwback GuWop joint, so he seems to be in good spirits. 

Watch our July episode of "Crew Love," featuring The Remy Boyz (including P-Dice) below.