We still don’t know much about OVO Sound’s newest signee dvsn, but that should hopefully be changing here in a couple weeks when they release their debut album Sept 5th. To kick off the album campaign, the mysterious R&B act decided make the album available for pre-order on iTunes today, ultimately revealing the tracklist, release date, and artwork in the process.

Due out April 1, Sept. 5th will host with 10 records in total, and include the previously heard singles “Too Deep” & “Hallucinations.” At the moment, there’s no features listed, but that could easily change as we’ve seen with other projects in the past.

Now while we wait for them to reveal their faces and/or next single, peep the tracklist (below), and artwork in the gallery above.

1.“With Me”
2. “Too Deep”
3. “Try / Effortless”
4. “Do It Well”
5. “In + Out”
6. “Sept. 5th”
7. “Hallucinations”
8. “Another One”
9. “Angela”
10. “The Line”