Orlando Bruce

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A kid with the mind of a genius, or something just completely insane. Orlando Bruce born in Montgomery, AL was brought into this world amongst a military family. Both his Mom and Dad serving terms in the Army, he traveled quite a bit in America. Spending some time in Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and finally Maryland. When his Mom retired from service, his family remained in the state of Maryland where he spent the remainder of his years of schooling. In high school around the 9th grade, he picked up the habit of writing poetry. His poetic justice sort of speak was a bit out tune with what others would write but it didn't matter to him at the moment. Along the way of his grade years he met some friends who also shared the same ambition of poetry, except in music art form. This persuaded him to start rapping along side his companions, when at the time, he was the worst of the group. But that never stopped him from picking the pen and challenging himself to become lyrically better. After many long years, he was finally at a point in his life where his metaphors was far beyond the average mindset. He set himself beyond his counterparts and developed an imagination perhaps only Michelangelo could comprehend. In May 2011, Orlando left to join the United States where he is currently serving and stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. To this day, Orlando continues to release music through the soul and create the art he only sees as "beautiful".


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