Origins: The Samples From The Weeknd's "Kiss Land"


"Origins" offers a break down of the samples in each track featured on The Weeknd's "Kiss Land"

We know that The Weeknd is not considered hip hop, but you can't escape Kiss Land as a great production piece. The Weeknd is known to be one of the new faces of R&B and Drake's go-to guy for an R&B feature. With no surprise, you'll also find Drizzy Drake featured on this project on "Live For." Out of the 10 tracks on Kiss Land, not counting the bonus tracks, we found 5 were sampled by other artists.

Surprisingly enough every track on this project was produced or co-produced by The Weeknd, DannyBoyStyles & DaHeala. Other producers include the superstar Harry Fraud & Silkky Johnson. 

Check out our list of sampled tracks from his latest album along with the original song the music was borrowed from.


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